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Michael Louis Pullen

Michael Louis Pullen was the first child born to Louis and Noellene Pullen on December 24, 1969 at St. Helena, California. Michael was later joined by little sister, Jodi, in 1973.

Michael graduated from Lodi Academy in 1988 where he established new friendships. The love of learning was further cultivated with the new age of computers. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in 1993 from Walla Walla College. Michael met Vanessa while attending Walla Walla College. He was smitten by a beautiful blonde girl with a character that matched her outward beauty.

Michael and Vanessa were married on December 20th, 1993 in a lovely, quiet desert setting at Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley, California. They established their first home in Galt before moving to Redlands where Michael attended Loma Linda University and graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1999.


Vanessa Marie Feldkamp

Vanessa Marie Feldkamp was born in Loma Linda, California on May 25, 1971 to Irving (Bud) and Pamela Feldkamp. As Bud and Pam’s first child, Vanessa was responsible for setting the standard for her three younger siblings: Maggie, Amy, and Irving IV (Buddy).

From an early age, Vanessa naturally took to scholastic activities. Her love for reading propelled her academically as she began her education at Mesa Grande Academy, becoming the Valedictorian of her 8th grade class. She graduated from Loma Linda Academy in 1989.

After attending Pacific Union College for a year, she spent a year in Salzburg and Munich where she immersed herself in the culture and honed her Deutch. Upon completion of her year abroad, Vanessa returned to Walla Walla University. In June 1993, she graduated summa cum laude with a major in German and a minor in Business.

Despite her stellar grades, Vanessa managed to maintain an active social life as well, including inner tubing in the snow, camping and cross-country skiing. It was during one of these social gatherings that she met Michael Pullen.

Following their nuptials on December 20th, 1993, Vaness and Mike settled in Redlands, California, where Vanessa began her medical training at Loma Linda University. After beginning her residency training in Pediatrics, Vanessa and Mike were blessed with their first child, Sydney Breanna Pullen, on August 2, 1999. Two years later she completed her residency and her second pregnancy, giving birth to a son, Christopher Michael Pullen on July 23, 2001.

Vanessa and Mike then moved to Galt in 2002, where she joined a Pediatric practice working part time. She was the consummate Pediatrician. She was the person you could call in the middle of the night to answer questions about your sick children. She was also known to treat some of the big kids; she often joked that her father-in-law, Louis, was a big kid. Regardless, Vanessa always showed a deep devotion to her patients, as well as her family.


Sydney Breanna Pullen

Sydney Breanna Pullen was born to Michael and Vanessa Pullen on August 2, 1999 in Loma Linda, California. As the first grandchild for both the Feldkamps and Pullens, her arrival brought with it all the joys of beginning their new role as grandparents. All of her “firsts” were met with great anticipation and fanfare. Mom and Dad took Sydney home to their Redlands residence where she spent the first two years of her life. “Princess” was Sydney; petite, blonde, blue eyed and very feminine.

In 2002 Sydney moved to the country in Galt, California with her family. Sydney enjoyed being a neighbor to her cousins Pearl, Leia and Annie. Many fun hours were spent playing together. When they met in the street to play together a group hug was followed by “Rat’s Rule!” Sydney loved to swim in the family pool and to play in the playhouse Michael had built in their backyard. She had recently mastered roller skating and enjoyed skating at the rink with her cousins and Papa. Sydney also enjoyed playing the piano and had been taking lessons for the past two years. Not to be outdone, Mom also took piano lessons with Syd.

Sydney started kindergarten in August of 2004 at Lodi Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School where her Auntie Lois Gifford was her teacher. While she loved school, being the youngest member in the class for several years bothered Syd. The present school year was spent in fourth grade with many class “girl friends”. She enjoyed learning and was always conscientious about her assignments being turned in on time.

Sydney was an amazing big sister to Christopher. While she was all girl and loved the soft and pretty things in life, Christopher was a typical rough and tumble boy. Even with diverse interests, they loved each other immensely and hugs were exchanged freely.

She played the role of big cousin well, mothering her many younger cousins and being attentive to their needs. Sydney was a loving little girl, always ready with a hug for family and friends.

She, Chris and Cousin Luke were an inseparable trio when they got together on the Feldkamp vacations. Sydney, like her mother, was often the voice of reason when trying to keep her long list of cousins (Luke, Taylor, Chase, Ava, Cash, Jude, Bruce and Alex) in order.


Christopher Michael Pullen

Christopher Michael Pullen was born to Michael and Vanessa on July 23, 2001 in Loma Linda, California. The Pullen family was now complete with a baby brother for Sydney.

Redlands was home to Christopher for his first nine months. The family then relocated to a country home in Galt, California. Country living was a perfect match for him. Mud puddles and Christopher just went together. Mom took it all in her stride and allowed him the freedom to explore. Later Chris enjoyed riding his motorcycle around a track he and his dad made in the field. Recently Christopher expressed his desire to accompany his dad and uncles on their motorcycle trip. He was seen longingly watching their departure from the gate.

Christopher entered kindergarten at Lodi Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School in 2007. Unlike Sydney, he was the oldest member of his class. He quickly made friends in his classroom and was a good student. Christopher often asked questions and had a curiosity about almost everything. Instructional baseball filled many summer evenings for Chris. Of course, this meant baseball practice for Mom and Dad as well. He also excelled at swimming and spent many happy hours in the family pool, under water swimming was preferred. Christopher helped Dad build a playhouse in the backyard that was perfect right down to the hardwood floor. Many good times were shared there with cousins and friends.

Chris was proud, and rightfully so, of his natural athletic talents. He often times led his younger cousins on motorcycle rides and tree climbs as the Feldkamp family enjoyed a Thanksgiving retreat at Indian Ranch. His physical talents were also demonstrated with his latest passion, tae kwon do classes, which he attended with his best friend Adam. He was very proud when he recently earned his yellow belt.

A walk through Christopher’s room revealed the many interests he was cultivating. Collections of tools, coins, Lego, trophies, as well as books and toys, were treasures to him.

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