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Born October 24,1972 in Loma Linda, Erin seemed larger than life to all who knew him. With an easy-going personality and sparkling sense of fun, Erin was one of those rare individuals who never had a bad day. Full of life and happy from the start, he embraced life with an infectious joy and enthusiasm. A gifted student, a skilled ophthalmologist, and devoted husband and father. Erin was known for making everyone around him feel better about their day. At his practice at the St. Helena Ophthalmology Group, every patient felt like they were the most important person in the world.

One of Erin’s special talents was giving funny nicknames to those he loved. He affectionately dubbed his children “T-bone”, “A-train”, and “Jude-er Dudeer”. Always a good sport, Erin’s playful nature attracted a few nicknames of his own, such as “Easy” (everything he did looked effortless), “Bear” (his cuddly hugs were unforgettable), and “Fozzy” (for his fuzzy head of curls). As someone who relished life, Erin was a supreme “doer, always planning the next fun trip for family and friends. An avid snow skier, water skier, snow-mobiler, body-surfer, motorcyclist, mountain bike rider, and long-distance runner, he never missed a chance for the next adventure. Days before he was to take his medical boards, when most students were cramming for the test, Erin was racing motorcycles in Baja with his father-in-law Bud Feldkamp.

Erin inspired all he knew with his generous spirit, charming good looks, and unwavering devotion to his family. We hope you keep on smilin’, Fozzy. We’re going to miss your easy charm and upbeat spirit.


Beautiful, talented, soft-hearted Amy Louise Feldkamp was born on June 28, 1974, into a close-knit family who loved sharing adventures and laughter, as well as the occasional prank. We all thought it was funny that although she grew up in Redlands, just a few miles from where Erin grew up in Loma Linda, they didn’t meet until they were both at Pacific Union College. Their fathers both drove the same red model of Chevy Suburban, which seemed to seal their fate of a lifetime together. A skilled dental hygienist and natural athlete who ran marathons, Amy matched Erin’s energy and love of adventure. After moving to St. Helena with Erin, she jumped eagerly into the role of motherhood. She and Erin were surprised how quickly they found themselves the parents of three beautiful, fun-loving children under the age of three. Never one to complain when the going got tough — including during her treatment for lymphoma — Amy impressed everyone with her natural mothering abilities and no-nonsense approach to managing a household of toddlers. Her cinnamon rolls, apple pies, and cookies were legendary, and she never missed an opportunity to give generously to others, whether taking special gifts to Erin’s colleagues or offering her children’s outgrown clothing to other families.

With her warm spirit, beautiful smile, and devotion to her children, Amy was the anchor that encouraged her family to thrive. Amy, you did it all with style, grace, and a steady hand, and we will miss those delicious pastries.


Full of purpose from the day she was born on December 8, 2004 in Loma Linda, Taylor was an independent, spirited child who impressed all with her precocious intelligence and creative wit. She relished her role of older sister, fiercely protecting “Sister” from any perceived threat. Strong and athletic like her parents, Taylor also had a natural grace and artistry beyond her years. She loved to dance in her pretty pink tutu and put on performances with the seriousness of a Bolshoi ballerina. Like her great-grandmother Win, whose name she shared, Taylor loved making art. She would sit for hours focusing carefully on choosing just the right colors for her drawing, especially for rainbows. A natural born leader with a keen sense of mischief, Taylor reveled in leading her younger sister on daring escapades with toilet paper — such as wallpapering the bathroom or creating fashions and head coverings for Ava. Whenever Amy heard giggling in the house, she knew to run for paper towels.

Beautiful Tay-Tay, we will always remember your fearless, can-do spirit and graceful love of life. May you find a new audience equal to your charms who laughs with you as hard as we did.


Dainty, petite, free-spirited Ava was born on February 22, 2006 in St. Helena, just 18 months after Taylor was born. Gifted with a vivid imagination and natural curiosity, Ava loved to entertain her grandparents with made-up stories starring herself. Her tiny figure belied her strength, which Erin likened affectionately to that of an “Army Ant.” A fearless climber who always looked for the tallest slide to climb, Ava loved jumping from one piece of furniture to the next, her body poised like a gymnast or a magical wood-sprite. She loved going to school at the St. Helena Montessori Preschool where she was much-loved for her radiant humor and spontaneous big hugs. But her biggest love in life was chocolate, a special weakness she shared with her beloved Meema and Oma.
You were a special spirit, sweet Ava and we’ll always remember your joie de vivre. May your days be filled with lots and lots of chocolate.


Happy-go-lucky, roly-poly Jude was born on April 18, 2007 in St. Helena, the first baby boy in the family. With two older sisters to keep up with, Jude learned early on to roll with the punches. A social child with an easy-going nature like his father’s, he was always ready with one of his favorite expressions: “Oh man!” or “No way!” or “I did it!” One of Jude’s cutest traits was his little duck-toed shuffle, which reminded everyone of beloved great-grandpa Marv. Ever curious with a special fascination for the alphabet, (he delighted in shouting “‘a’ lower case!”), Jude was happiest when playing with a flashlight or some other mechanical curiosity. Meema (Judy) loved sharing her name with you.

Jude, they don’t come any cuter than you. We’ll always remember your happy, joy-filled life.

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