Bike Ride Sponsor

Sponsor our lone cyclist, Dr. Mike Boyko,
on his journey through Death Valley.

Current Sponsors:

Pete Nelson: $2/mile (unless Boyko beats Nelson then it will become $4/mile)

Adrian & Maggie Cotton: $2/mile

Buddy and Jessica Feldkamp: $2.01/mile

Mark and Stephanie Dickinson: $1.00/mile

David Colwell: $2.00/mile

Heidi Dusseau: $1.00/mile

Bud Feldkamp: $4.00/mile

Tia Montijo: $25.00 flat rate

Richard & Patti Catalano: $50.00 flat rate

Hospitality Dental Riverside: $20.00/mile

Hospitality Dental San Bernardino: $21.00/mile

Neil & Robin von Koehe: $25.00 flat rate






Can he do 60 miles?

Rider Profile
Age: 65
Years riding a bike: A long time
Rides twice a week

In January, Dr. Boyko was able to ride 50.4 miles.




100% of Proceeds From The Death Valley Classic Go To Tuition Assistance!

Board of Directors:

Robert Peterson - Chairman
Adrian Cotton - Treasurer
Roberta Peterson - Secretary
Maggie Cotton - Board Member
Bud Feldkamp - Board Member
Buddy Feldkamp - Board Member
Jessica Feldkamp - Board Member
Pam Feldkamp - Board Member

Mailing Address

To donate by check, please make check payable to:
128CM Memorial Foundation
127 State St. #206
Redlands, CA 92373